I Have Purim Costume Envy.

I better publish this before we get too far away from purim.

I’m a guy and I will fully admit that I like dressing up for purim. Upon verbalizing it, I now realize how emasculating that sounds.

What I am trying to say is that I enjoy a good costume. I like the attention, Yes. I am a bit of an attention whore but I’m not one of those in-your-face look-at-me types. I enjoy putting on a good display that is very clever or funny for the entertainment of everyone around me. It’s a great conversation starter, it makes for a great story, it’s good memories and fun times. I just like doing the whole purim shpeel and getting really into it. I feel that if I don’t do something for purim it’s as if I didn’t celebrate the holiday and I feel like I missed out. I’m not sure how to explain it other than to say it feels something like not keeping shabbos on shabbos.

While individuals can come up with clever or creative or funny costumes, you just can’t beat a group costume.

I totally wish I could be in a relationship through purim for once and do something totally as a couple… as I’ve said, I like costumes and  I like doing fun and outrageous stuff… and yes it’s partly for the attention… I know it and fully admit it.. but what’s wrong with that? I’m not trying to steal attention or anything like that… I’m just trying to be outrageous enough that people can laugh and have a really fun time around me because whatever im doing / dressed as is totally funny/cool/clever.  As I’ve mentioned above, you just can’t beat a group costume… so I think dating on purim is the best, you get to show up in a costume and technically you have a partner to dress up similar .. hey 1 is a lonely number, 2 is few.. and 3 is a group…  well at least with a date you’re almost a group and that’s 1 step closer in the right direction for super cool purim costumes.

I think when I eventually settle down one of the first purims I’ll try to convince her to dress as a burglar.. We’d go as partners in crime… yeah its cheesy, but it would be funny – Handcuffs and all.


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