This one was different.

The following video just came up on my Facebook NewsFeed. I’m not sure what to think of it. I’ve posted it below.

At about 1:10 into the video is what throws me off. I just am not sure what to think. I didn’t quite expect that crowd to be there in the background.

I laughed regardless.

What did you think?


3 responses to “This one was different.

  1. I still find the crowd to be more creepy. Not that a bunch of chassidim at a wedding are creepy, just that I would have expected a more modern crowd that the band was catering to with that type of music.

    Then again, technically the chassidim shouldn’t know about the song origins. Ignorance is bliss, right? 😀

  2. no. if you look at the people in the band you would know what kind of crowd would be there. it mirrors it.

    i find it very sad and pathetic for frum jews to use non Jewish music for anything. especially an occasion like a wedding where its supposed to be a holy atmosphere. in fact, at my wedding i want only niggunim. maybe. we’ll see.

    ignorance is not bliss. it is sad. i still cant figure out how the band got the song. wow in a way im happy i know non jewish music so i wont get into a situation like that.

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