Conversation Snippets

For amusement purposes some conversations that took place over Pesach and the following weeks since.

Over Pesach – Overheard in a hotel elevator Stamford Connecticut:
Married Guy – “She is really out of your league”
Single Guy – “Yeah I know, but still!”
Married Guy’s Wife – “NO, she really is out of your league… like two children and a husband out of your league”.

Shabbos dinner conversation:
ShidduchMaven – “Apparently people are trying to nominate William Shatner for Governor General of Canada.”
Married Friends Wife – “Really? wow that is cool”.
ShidduchMaven – “Um, Do you know what the Governor General is?”
Married Friends Wife – “Yeah, he’s the guy who writes those warnings on the back of cigarette boxes with all those pictures of sick people and ugly stuff”
Married Friend – “Honey that’s the Surgeon General. We’re talking about the Governor General.”

At a recent wedding catching up with an engaged friend:
BTFriend – “I’m so unhappy!, I just started chosson classes.”
ShidduchMaven – “Don’t worry, because you can get a heter to do anything if she is not satisfied.
BTFriend – “That’s the problem! I think she will be!!!”


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