Sunday Morning Breakfast Dates.

When people think of dating often they imagine late afternoon or an evening activity. The notion of restaurants, coffee shops, and evening shows are usually at the top of the list. However very rarely do I hear of anyone discussing morning dates.

I happen to love morning dates (particularly on weekends). While I don’t necessarily like going to bed (Saturday night) earlier than 1 a.m. I find that doing so and going out Sunday morning (for breakfast) really kicks off the day. The restaurant option suddenly becomes a lot more palatable, and the day seemingly starts off fresher. In the event it wasn’t meant to be you still have the rest of your day to enjoy.

Life is also usually calmer and quieter, a whole lot more layed back. You don’t have to rush and can take your time getting to and from your destinations.

There is just a lot less hassle – less hassle choosing a venue, less hassling through traffic, less hassle for parking, less hassle for a table. You’re not faced with the tougher Milchig or Fleischig options as during the evenings. Life in general is just all that much better on Sunday mornings.

On Sunday mornings it is my belief that dating is supposed to be enjoyable*. I don’t care who it is with. My dates are meant to be slow and relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable. Even if I know it’ll never work out with the person I still prefer to enjoy my time. Sunday mornings seem to fit that bill.

*Note: All dates & dating in general are supposed to be enjoyable.

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