The Pointless Long Distance Argument

What is the point of dating long distance?  The bottom line is you’re stuck for a few weeks not seeing each other. Sure these days we have Skype and it’s kind of nice that you’re able to see the other person. But let’s be honest with ourselves, you’re still not there in person and it’s limited in the amount of interaction you can do with one another. It’s a temporary fix for a permanent problem.

Of course there’s the other side of the argument that you can’t date local because there’s just nobody to date and thus dating out-of-town seems infinitely more feasible.

I believe the latter mentality is probably derived from the old saying “it’s always greener on the other side”.

I guess when push comes to shove if the person is cute enough, or seems worth it enough, or someone is desperate enough, that is when the effort to court someone long distance will be made.


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