The 7 Stages of Grief – Prior to attending a mixer.

The 7 Stages:

1. Shock and Disbelief. – Wow an event, how awesome… wait it’s a single mixer… wait no, I’m STILL single?!

2. Denial. – No way, this event is totally not for me. I don’t need to go to these things to find somebody.

3. Bargaining. – It can’t be soo bad, heck it must even be fun. I’m sure I’ll have fun won’t I? Maybe I can go just for a bit and then leave, ok what if I check to see if I have friends going on Facebook?

4. Guilt. – If I don’t go, my parents are totally going to blame me for never trying hard enough.

5. Anger. – These events suck anyways, only weirdo’s and awkward people go to them. Why do I have to go?! This is bullshit that I’m still single.

6. Depression. – Oh my god, I’m still single… NOOOOO!!!!

7. Acceptance and Hope. – It won’t be so bad, I’m sure I can meet someone. Maybe I’ll even go with a friend.


Once I Told The Shadchans.

Once I told the Shadchans I won’t travel for girls… and that if they don’t want to come here, they can try their hand at visiting the great group of guys New York has to offer.