Hired Chef vs. Fancy Restaurant. You decide. (P2)

I hired the Private Chef.

I actually asked a lot of people their opinion on this, and surprisingly most said they would pick the Fancy Restaurant. I was given many explanations why people thought it was better, or why hiring a private chef was a bad or worse idea.

To be frank, everyone who voted for Fancy Restaurant,  I disagree with you… wholeheartedly. You are just wrong.

To be fair, there were many people who said they liked the idea but they couldn’t or wouldn’t ever do the Private Chef for varied reasons. This is different then saying it’s not as good a date as a Fancy Restaurant.

I think anyone who sides with Fancy Restaurant is either uncreative, unromantic, or just doesn’t like to put any effort into the dating process. You have to be practical, hiring a private chef isn’t a typical date, or something to be done often. It’s meant for very special occasions such as anniversaries, milestones, and very special celebrations.

Anyone can just go to a fancy restaurant, it’s the easy way out of doing something special for someone special.

It is an extremely more intimate date than a public restaurant. (It’s still in accordance with all the halachas, the chef is there, so you’re good on Yichud!).

It takes no brains to select a venue and make reservations at a restaurant… It really is just another way of throwing money at a situation. Yes, I’m sure the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is fantastic… but a grande and romantic gesture it is not… at least not when compared to a personal chef!

To hire a private chef is a big effort, and a big expense. It’s not like you can just hire anyone to swing by your home and whip up a gourmet meal, we’re talking about some serious amount of planning that needs to be done.

You have to first find a chef, not so easy considering that good ones are often not jewish and even more often don’t normally cook kosher. Once you find a chef (in my case I was recommended someone), you then have to find out everything from pricing and menus, to costs and everything else in between. You also have to tell the chef you have some dietary restrictions, i.e. Kosher!

The funny thing, after I explained kosher, the chef – Vanessa, was totally all for it!  She was very cool about coming to my home and using my kitchen and my utensils. She even went to the kosher grocery store to buy fish & meat that I could eat. I told her what symbols to look for on products in order that she purchased the right ones. It was a really easy and very positive experience, one that I would highly recommend to all the guys who have been dating someone seriously and really want to be a cut above the rest. Or for that husband that wants something really different and special for his wife.

I had a great 3-course gourmet meal with someone special, it was far more superior then any kosher restaurant that I could ever go to. I was fortunate to have the cooperation of my family to keep clear for a 2 hour block. Where there is a will there is a way.

Lastly, to the girl who told me she would pick the fancy restaurant every time, it’s better, it’s better because it’s a status thing, because you can show off your guy and brag to friends how he spends so much money on you. I wish I could have told you to your face how I think You’re a disgusting shallow person. But I couldn’t and didn’t… I just couldn’t say it to your face.. Perhaps next time.

(Note: It’s very late… and I can see I need to make several grammar and structural changes… I felt I just needed to write this, and post it as soon as possible… I’ve had a terrible writers block since last time I posted… I’ll review all the above and make corrections over the next few days… As well as write a few more articles now that I’ve broken my writers block.)


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