Believe in Yourself

I was reading up on some investment articles for work related purposes when I stumbled upon this little gem of a quote…

Winners are winners, because they do what winners do. Winners know that they’re not victims of circumstances, because those circumstances are new opportunities. Winners know that they have value and they know that often, the difference between the winner and the loser was not intelligence, but drive and initiative. Go after what you want and don’t look at economic headwinds. You may not make it to the 1 percent, but to live a prosperous life you don’t have to be remotely close.

While the above quote was from an article about saving and investing, and I’ve completely taken it out of context for my purposes. I think it holds true when applied to the world of dating.

The difference between a winning date and a losing date is your attitude. If you have just a bit of drive and initiative, and go after what you want… it won’t matter who you’re out with or what you’re doing. Don’t look at economic headwinds, meaning don’t worry about uncertainties, or issues that are completely out of your control. The date is not going well? Relax and change your attitude to enjoy it, regardless of the other person. When you’re out, you should be enjoying your time. You’ve chosen to be out with that person, so you should choose to enjoy it too. If the other person is not enjoying your company or the date then end it early, or just know that it’s a one and done deal and it will be over soon. You’ll move on, because as a winner it was an opportunity.

Not all opportunities turn out a win, but winners have drive. They’re driven to keep checking every opportunity until they get a win. That’s the crucial difference, losers stop when they lose. Winners keep on going, whether they win or lose doesn’t matter, they keep driving ahead.


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