Kallah Sues for Damages!


This was just sent to me moments ago. I got a good laugh, this was bound to happen!

The Yeshiva World Kallah Sues for Damages After Being Dumped Via Text Message « » Frum Jewish News


A lesson to all my fellow brothers out there, when it comes to money matters with women JewishWhiteGuy says always PAY UP!

The rabbi’s knew what there were doing when they made marriage a contractual agreement. They didn’t do this for the protection of women, they did it for us, the guys!  Have you ever heard of the saying “Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned” or was it “There hath no wrath like that of a woman’s vengeance!”?

Anyways it still holds true to this day, ask any married friend of yours in confidence if he cowers when his wife gets mad. They’ll tell you alright, boy do they tremble.


Anyhow, the guy was a total jerk. (I am sure the women reading this can think of a few other expletives that describe a guy that dumps his Kallah via text.)

Seriously, who does that two weeks before the wedding?! What a doorknob. At least be man enough to break it to her in person. What a wimp.. he’s not a man.

This just adds to the weight that boys in the Jewish/frum community are lacking many normal healthy social skills, such as how to deal with doing the dirty jobs of life – e.g. giving bad news to someone or getting bad news from someone.. rejecting, or being rejected. etc..


Ok, I’m done commenting on this story which in all likelihood is a fabrication. I don’t think the Yeshiva World News is the best shining example of sterling journalism.

On an unrelated story. I began writing my thoughts regarding that Yitta Halberstrom purim shpeil that was in the Jewish Press the other week. If you don’t know what I’m talking about… google it. I’ll be posting my opinion in the coming day(s).


One response to “Kallah Sues for Damages!

  1. Yup, he’s a jerk. When I first clicked on your post, I thought you were going to write about a yeshivish guy who announced his intention to divorce his wife via text message. I imagine that might just happen one day… unfortunately.

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