Quick Comment

Someone asked me why I don’t post more often.

This is funny because I actually have 10-15 drafts saved, but unfortunately I haven’t had much time to complete them. My full time job keeps me very busy and drained of all creative juices. Fortunately I have an awesome job!, but it does take its toll. On top of all that, I was recently appointed a position as a board member to a really cool institution. It’s a huge privilege (and great experience), especially to someone of my age, but it consumes a lot of time.

Between all the above, and balancing seeing friends/socializing, I’ve found it hard to commit large blocks of time to writing for my blog. Throw in my dating/romantic life into that mix and I end up having very little time to myself.

I try to write minimum one article a week.

Anyhow, I still take time to check up on several blogs and from time to time I’ll read an article and find myself instantly inspired to write a quick commentary (such as Calling Out “Thinking Jew Girl”).

I’m always welcome to guest posts for anyone that has something they wrote.


So if I’m not posting often, it’s not that the blog writer is gone. I’m just busy. 🙂


Jewish White Guy




The Age Gap Theory by Orthonomics

I follow another great blog, “Orthonomics” who seems to be an accountant/young mother. She recently put up a guest post – once again phenomenal article that really speaks volumes. It’s on the AGT (Age Gap Theory) that pertains to the shidduch crisis (or the ridiculous notion that there is one).

Here is the Link.

Enjoy, would love to hear what other people think about it.


Good Article by Bad4.

There is this really well written blog that I follow from time to time. Once again the writer posted an excellent article on an issue that all people if single long enough eventually face.

Here is her article “Protean Me”.

I also placed a comment which I’ll write here, and I’ll adjust and edit a bit more after shabbos.

Good article. Very practical issue for most singles, especially those in their mid to late 20′s are facing today. Many people get past their identity crisis stage and figure themselves out. However after staying single in their 20′s for long enough they start contemplating if maybe their identity needs adjustment. Hence you see guys/girls dropping shomer negia, dressing more modern(less snius), or conducting themselves on a lesser level then when they were in their younger years.

On one hand you feel that at least you experience the joys of life while you’re in your prime, on the other you wonder if it is hampering you’re long term goals. These issues it seems nobody has any answers too, nor any guidance.

*Just noticed something called a pingback on Bad4’s blog… I’m new to blogging I think had I known beforehand, I would have just written up a reply here and saved her comment section from a double post.